Hey - I'm not a link! Time was, all you had to do was click on a website's "Contact" button and up would pop an e-mail form with the addressee field already completed.

Now, it seems, there are so many ways to contact people, we need a whole page! Anyway, if you want to contact us, feel free to use whichever of the following you feel most comfortable with!


Send us your thoughts by e-mail. What could be easier?


Visit the BVC Forum and you can talk about any of BVC's comics, our guest titles or pretty much anything. You don't even have to register!

Then there's the TAC Forum. If you're following "Shades" at Graphic Smash instead of here at BVC, you should probably use that one. But it's your choice. You will have to register there, though.

Social groups

You can follow our random musings at Twitter which is, it seems, the greatest internet phenomenon, ever. Well, until the next phenomenon of the week, anyway!

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Oh, and let's not forget our blog at LiveJournal. Admittedly we don't update it nearly as much as we should but ... well, it's there!