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It's a common misconception that the hammy and, dare we say it, camp programmes of the 1960s and 1970s were only recognised as such years after their time with the dawn of the current taste for post-modern, self-mocking irony.

Not so! I made this little spoof as a 15 year old fan of Star Trek back in the early 1970s when the series was still relatively new and, as far as I know, before the term "Trekkie" (or "Trekker") had even been coined. Certainly well before they'd passed into common usage.

It's no Galaxy Quest, obviously, but it does demonstrate that even during its heyday the show's fans were well aware of the silliness of the situations into which Kirk and co were so often plunged.

As with the other comics here in Memory Lane, Don't Spok the Afflicted is presented here exactly as it was originally made, with no attempt to cover up its inadequacies. The artwork is hand-drawn in ball-point pen on the ruled pages of a school exercise book (hey, there were no PCs!) and the text is exactly what you might expect from a 15-year old developing a style of his own.

That said, if - for whatever reason - you find yourself acquiring a taste for these "oldies but mouldies", you can find more examples of my early comic endeavours listed in the Workshop area here.

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