Welcome to the Previews and workshop area. Want to see some concept art, pages still in production or just plain fun stuff? Then read on!

This area is divided into three sections:

Sneak peeks at stuff we're still bolting together!Assembly line
You can find the first preview page right here. You'll find a random selection of pages from our comics still in production - concept sketches, pencils, inks and even finished pages not yet released elsewhere on the web. Just click on each picture to be taken to the next!

Comics I made when I were now't but a lad of fifteen!Memory Lane
Want to know what sort of comics I was making when I was still at school? Go to the Memory Lane section and you'll can see just that! Hand drawn in ballpoint pen on old school exercise books ... ah, they don't make 'em like that any more!

So that's how we did it!Behind the curtains
Want to take a peek behind the scenes at how we pieced our comics together? Well, just peek Behind the Curtains and you'll see sample pages from some of our comics before they were finished.

A novel?  By an eight year old?  Pfft!Children's novelty
Let's be honest, when you're only eight or nine, you'd have to be pretty daft to think you could write a fantasy novel to rival C.S. Lewis's Narnia books, right? Well, I was. And Prince Sashtan is it!