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So, welcome to a little piece of my mis-spent childhood. Or, more accurately, teenhood.

You know, hard as it is to believe, there was a time when people didn't have computers - a cold, hard time when pit ponies had to make their own entertainment and children up chimneys had only comics to read.

Fortunately those comics sometimes found their way into my grateful hands and I did what any kid with a new comic would do ... I'd cut it into pieces and make things like this cover. (If only I'd known back then that second-hand comics would be worth something one day!)

The rest of this comic isn't in colour and such story as there is has little (i.e. nothing) to do with anything actually happening here. But then that was nothing new back then, even in the world of "real" comics!

It's just a cheap gag. Actually, it might just be the best gag in the comic (hey - I was young!), so you might want to stop reading now!

What this page does show is that I had a highly developed "cutting and pasting" technique, even in the days when "cutting and pasting" involved complex machinery like scissors. And, well, paste.

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