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In this area we'll be bringing you a series of columns, pouring forth our views and opinions on anything (usually but sometimes only tenuously comics related!) that happens to catch our interest.

The columns available to read now are listed below and we aim to be adding a new column each weekend so do check back often. And - whether you agree with us or not - feel free to leave your thoughts in the Forum.

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Silence is wasteful
Comic books tell stories by using a unique blend of words and pictures. So why do so many writers treat the words as an optional extra?

Outpost archives
Defending the Outpost
After nearly a hundred years of comics as we know them today, why is it we still feel the need to defend them?
Never-ending stories
Good stories need a beginning, a middle and an end. So why are most comic book series just a succession of middles?
Dangerous curves
Can't seem to make things add up? Take BVC's crash course in economics. Economics relating to comics, that is!
Looking good
It shouldn't be but we all know it's true - looks are important. So what's happening to the look of our favourite comic books?
Sittin' in the back row
It's nearly summer, the time of year when comic book movies traditionally hit the big screen. So ... cause for celebration or cause for concern?
For richer, for poorer
Are we wrong to expect our comic book writers to come up with original stories all the time?
Time to believe
Why is it that, even more than most mainstream comics or SciFi, time travel requires a significant suspension of disbelief?
Shallow creatures, villains
Villains, eh? Shiftless, untrustworthy types with no depth of character. At least they are in the comic books.
See no evil
Not in most comic books, anyway. We see greed, ambition and petty vendettas aplenty, but where has the real evil gone?
We need a hero!
And not just according to Bonnie Tyler, either. But why are super heroes such an iconic part of our culture?
For art's sake
Some artists just love to show how clever they are. But does that necessarily make for a good comic?
Writing wrongs
They say every piece of advice on how to write will always be wrong. So here are some more wrong tips from me.