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Online comics recommended by BVC

Epic quest featuring a wombat. No, really. May be the single best story-driven comic on the web. (Apart from ours obviously!) By Ursula Vernon.

Comics resources and reference

Anthology of stories by Edgar Allen Poe, adapted for comic book format by the likes of Jamie Delano, Shane Oakley, Leah Moore and John Reppion. Oh, and it includes The Oval Portrait by me with artwork by Natalie Sandells!

ROK Comics
Download comics direct to your mobile phone from ROK. Specially adapted versions of Shades and The Spires are available!

Indie Review
Website devoted exclusively to the promotion of UK independent comics. Like ours!

MySpace-type networking site but for comicky people. Like us. This link goes to our page but you can reach the homepage from there!

Graphic Smash
Webcomic collective featuring several "action-oriented" webcomics. Second home to BVC's very own "Shades".

Free and pro fonts available for download, including the fonts used by BVC to letter Shades, The Spires and Hunted.

Excellent online encyclopedia of all things 'toon and comic related, compiled by Don Markstein.

Webcomic news and discussion site, previously known as Comixpedia. Unlike certain similar sites, discussions usually manage to remain relatively civil, too!

British Webcomic Piss-Up
Despite being held on St George's Day, this annual campaign seeks to promote all British webcomics (not just English ones!) every 23 April.

Choice Comics
Innovative webcomic listing site, ranking comics according to readers' ratings and reviews. Hey - use the link and go write a review of Shades now!

Comprehensive database of webcomics covering a vast array of searchable genres and sub-genres.

Comic Avalanche
Comic news and reviews plus outspoken opinions from a range of columnists. Site which gave birth to our very own "Outpost" column.

Artists' sites

Harsho Mohan Chattoraj
Portfolio site of Harsho Chattoraj, the Indian artist responsible for all the artwork, colours and lettering on BVC's online graphic novel "Shades". (And, of course, "Lighten Up!")

Fabrizio Pacitti
Portfolio site of Fabrizio Pacitti, Italian penciller and inker on BVC's four-part mini-series "The Spires" and SciFi short "Rad Starjack: Elysium".

Illustrators Lounge
Official site of the studio founded by Kyri Kyprianou (and others), artist on our forthcoming title "Hunted".

E.C. Nickel
Site giving an introduction to the works of E.C. Nickel, creator, writer and artist of "Immortality" and "The Long Vigil".

Lee Munday
MySpace page of Lee Munday, writer and artist behind our guest title "The Lumbering Dead".

Harbor Comics
Comics and portfolio site of Rob Jones and Andrew Hurst, creator and colourist on "Perfect Storm".

Friends of BVC

Bret Key
Portfolio site of Bret Key, son of Bill Key, the colourist on "The Spires" and "Rad Starjack: Elysium". Runs in the family, see!

Flick and Jube
Metaphysical adventure comic by UK indy creators, Simon Mackie and Matthew Stokoe.

Brant W. Fowler
Personal site of Brant W.Fowler, including examples of his writing, art and lettering, as well as a selction of recently designed logos.

Lance Comixxx
Adult comics site by Lance, unflagging champion of our very own Shades. Not for under-18s or the easily offended.

Web management resources

The UK webhosting service used by Broken Voice Comics and, according to them, over 100,000 other sites. Good value, too!

Search Engine Optimising
Does what it says on the tin. Automatic service for submitting your website's URL to more than 100 search engines.

Webtracking service which is not only free but, unlike some other services, prevents others from viewing your statistics.