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Prologue - Chapter 5

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Chapter 6 - Chapter 11

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Chapter 16

Well, that's it guys - this is the very last page ... ever!

Just a quick word on that final panel: I knew we had to end this story on a group shot, bringing all our characters together for one final wave goodbye, but I also knew I didn't want to end with them all standing in stereotypical "super heroic" poses. (You know the ones - all jutting jaws, hands on hips and eyes fixed sternly on some point in the middle distance!)

Throughout the comic, we've tried hard to give every character an individual personality and, it seemed to me, that the right thing to do was to capture those personalities in this fond farewell. Needless to say, Nickel and Qoiri managed to do exactly that!

We tried to do something different with the super hero genre and, from the feedback we've received, it seems quite a lot of you appreciated that. A few readers have even said that they don't even like the super hero genre but that the elements we've brought to it have made Shades one of their favourite comics. Believe me, that kind of feedback makes it all worthwhile!

Now ... don't forget you can still leave your own comments (or ask any questions you feel haven't been properly answered) in the Shades forum!

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