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Volume 1 Index
Prologue - Chapter 5

Volume 2 Index
Chapter 6 - Chapter 11

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Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16

Well, we're almost at the end now. Although there is a short epilogue after this chapter, Chapter 16 is the very last full-length story chapter in the book, so expect even more action as the story hurtles towards its climax!

I said at the beginning that the first four chapters of Shades pretty much wrote themselves. Everything that was going to happen in them was very clear to me from the outset. The next thing to take shape in my mind, however, was not Chapter 5, but the ending. Which means that the final scene in this chapter has been rattling around in my head for six years now and - at long last - we're just about ready to share it with you guys!

I'm obviously not going to give away any plot spoilers at this stage but, suffice it to say, the artwork for that final sequence is complete and, trust me, Nickel and Qoiri have made it look every bit as spectacular as it is in my head. So, buckle up - I think you're going to enjoy this one!

Oh, and don't forget - you can leave a comment (or ask a question) in the Shades forum!

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