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Prologue - Chapter 5

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Chapter 6 - Chapter 11

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Chapter 16

Hooray! Finally the Shaman reappears in one of the main plot threads!

I must admit that, whilst I obviously knew that the Shaman collapsed at the end of Chapter 8 (the last page drawn by Harsho Chattoraj) and that he wasn't scheduled to reappear until now, when I think about it, I'm still surprised that such an important character has been effectively out of the story for most of the second half of the book!

Anyway, at least you now know why I left him in the spirit world for so long ... he was waiting to save poor Becky's spirit from the nasties in the Fringes!

Oh, and speaking of nasties, those little purple critters are called "quailings". If you happen to have 130% perfect recall, you may remember that Arturos mentioned quailings (briefly!) back in Chapter 14.

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