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Volume 1 Index
Prologue - Chapter 5

Volume 2 Index
Chapter 6 - Chapter 11

Volume 3 Index
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16

Phew! Chapter 13 already? How on Earth did we get here?!

Well, that "Story so far" summary in the middle of the page will answer that particular question for you. What you really want to know, however, is what exactly does this shiny new chapter have in store for you?

Without giving away any big plot spoilers, I think I can promise you two things that you definitely won't want to miss. Coming up right at the beginning, we're finally going to discover whether Rebecca Allen is actually alive or dead. (So many people still seem to want proof, one way or the other!) Then, as if that wasn't enough, we've another treat tucked away for the end of the chapter ... The last of our main characters is going to be revealed!

Well, it's about time. If he'd left it any later, the book would have been finished before he had a chance to do anything!

Hope you enjoy it, guys. And don't forget, you can always leave a comment (or ask a question) in the Shades forum!

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