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Volume 1 Index
Prologue - Chapter 5

Volume 2 Index
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11

Volume 3 Index
Chapter 12 - Epilogue

Chapter 9 wasn't part of the original script for Shades. As with the Prologue, however, the closer I got to the end of the script, the more I felt there was something missing.

The opening chapters flowed okay and I was happy that the climax at the end worked the way I wanted it to but, somehow, there seemed to be something missing in the middle. Everything made sense to me but I felt I hadn't quite joined all the dots between the various plot points in the first and second halves of the story.

Chapter 9 was therefore inserted very late in the day in order to tie the two halves together. For this reason, you may notice this chapter is even more heavy on the exposition than usual! The other thing you should notice is that this is the first chapter to be drawn by E.C. Nickel and coloured by Muamal Khairi.

When Harsho had to leave the project, he left some pretty big shoes to fill and I wasn't at all sure I was going to be able to find an art team that was up to the job. I needn't have worried - just take a look at the opening splash page for this chapter to see just how good the rest of this book is going to be!

Now - enjoy the ride and don't forget you can leave any comments or ask any questions about this comic in the Shades forum.

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