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Chapters 6 - 11

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Chapters 12 - Epilogue

Titles come in two flavours - the ones you think of immediately, possibly even before you write the first word, and the more usual kind. The ones that you agonise over, even months after the work is finished.

"Shades" falls squarely into the second category. For a long time it groaned beneath the weight of its working title ("Spirit of Britain") but that never seemed quite right for public consumption.

It needed something shorter, more succinct. So, as Harsho feverishly conjured up images to go with my script, I kept bombarding him with alternatives. For about a year, I think, I must have had a different preferred title every week.

Finally, the day came to unleash the beast onto an unsuspecting world and - that week - "Shades" just happened to be my favourite.

I wasn't entirely convinced at the time but you know what? It's been "Shades" for so long now that it's hard to think it could ever have been anything else!

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