What is BVC?
Broken Voice Comics, BVC and BVC Enterprises are all trading names of David A J Berner, sole proprietor. The BVC website has been established primarily to showcase the work of David A J Berner and the talented artists with whom he has worked on BVC's comic books.

Who is David A J Berner?
Among other things, David is the author of BVC's online graphic novel Shades and the mini-series The Spires. Throughout 2005 David also wrote a regular comics-related column called "Outpost" for Comic Avalanche and from mid-2004 until early 2006, David was Senior Editor with Midnite Comics.

What happened to Midnite Comics?
Just after Christmas 2005, the Midnite Comics forum was shut down by a hacker and, early in 2006, the website itself also collapsed. Although the proprietors of Midnite Comics initially intended to relaunch the site, much of the site build was unfortunately lost and it now seems that this will be impossible.

What will happen to the Midnite Comics titles?
As well as featuring David A J Berner's own work, BVC intends to feature a number of "Guest" comics. The first of these are three Midnite Comics titles, created by others but on which David helped with the script. These three are: Perfect Storm, Immortality and The Long Vigil. The other titles peviously featured at Midnite Comics will also be offered a home at BVC, should they want it.